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Random Responses #4

I have been catching up on submissions for a while now but I have been slacking off addressing some incorrect submissions. Typically incorrect submissions just need a bit of massaging/editing to fix them up. They could be off by a few days (if a date is the answer), the spelling of the answer could mean something else, etc. It is rare that I get completely incorrect submissions but I still do. Here is one of the latest ones:

“question” : “What is the only country in the world that is contained within 2 continents?”
“answer” : “Turkey”

If the fix was simple, I would have implemented it and moved on. But this is hard to fix because there are just so many countries that span two continents, or are fully “contained” within two. If you include little territories, then the number of answers grows exponentially. I am not going to name all countries that span multiple continents but a few major ones come to mind – Russia, for example. That is a rather large country to miss.

Just a quick search using your favorite search engine reveals numerous sites listing countries. Here is one at the top of every search result as an example. There are more depending on how you wish to classify the countries.

But in case I have misinterpreted the question, please let me know and I will approve it within the submission system with some minor corrections. You can either respond to this post with a comment or shoot us an e-mail at [email protected].

December 2019 Recap – The Random Trivia Generator by the Numbers

Hello dear readers and fans of the Random Trivia Generator and welcome to another monthly update. The purpose of these posts is to provide a peek behind the curtain and all the action that takes place to bring the tens to thousands of trivia questions to users. 

First off, we have not done one of these in about a year so many apologies. Personal lives have been busy with our daytime jobs, family, kids, learning new things, resting, and making small tweaks behind the curtain.

New Questions

Since the last monthly recap in November I added 208 new questions to the main Random Trivia Generator website. As of this post, the site is sitting at 20,408 trivia questions. Not that many in a year but the vast majority of our time was taken up by addressing various technical issues and making small tweaks to improve usability…all boring things that cannot be seen but are necessary to maintain the site and the database.

I want to thank everyone who sent in questions and corrections.

New Developments

We are still experimenting with the old site (Version 1.0) to see what works and slowly rolling out improvements to the current site (Version 2.0). Right now, you can dispute science questions directly by clicking on the actual question itself. A link appears at the bottom which takes you to a form where you can tell us why the question, or answer, could be incorrect. The form logs the question ID so there is no need to open your e-mail application, send us screenshots, or remember the exact question. Just let us know what could be wrong and we will fix it.

Stay tuned for even more questions next month.

Q: What bones did James Dean break in the movie "Rebel Without A Cause"?

A: His knuckles

New Functionality – Reporting Errors

We rolled out a new feature! You can now report errors by selecting that option through the main menu. This works on both mobile and desktop versions of the site. Once you select the option, please enter the question details and what you believe is incorrect about the question, or the answer. For bonus points, please include a screenshot to make sorting through over 20,000 questions a bit easier.

Improved reporting will be rolled out in the future.

Thanks and enjoy the site!

Canadian Thanksgiving 2019

A short trivia round on Canadian Thanksgiving. A few easy and a few hard questions to stump the family with.