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The Golf Round

Time flies when you are quarantining yourself with kids and still trying to work a regular day. Where we live, there are still many restrictions on what activities we can do. Golf, fortunately, is one of those outdoor activities that saw the least government restrictions. Unfortunately, because of the rise in interest (also, lack of any other outdoor activities), finding a course that wasn’t booked for months became difficult. Here is a trivia round while I am waiting my turn.

1. How many PGA Tours did Ben Hogan win in his career?


2. What is the standard diameter of the hole?

11 cm or 4.25 inches

3. Which type of golf club is subdivided into mallet, peripheral weighted and blade styles?

The putter

4. What device is used to measure the speed of a golf course putting green?

A stimpmeter

5. Where did the modern game of golf originate?


6. The world’s oldest tournament, “The Open Championship” is also known as what?

The Open or the British Open

7. A lost ball results in a penalty of how many strokes?


8. During a stipulated round, how many clubs are allowed in a player’s bag?


9. The number of strokes a skilled golfer is expected to need to complete a hole is referred to as what?


10. The term is used to refer to a score of four strokes under par?


Content and image credit: The Left Rough

Random Responses #6: API Integration?

Howdy users. We are back with another set of random responses. This edition is an interesting one. A user submitted the following question:

“question”: “Do you guys offer api integration?”
“answer”: “V”

Great question, V. We do not at the moment but this has been on our list of features for a few years. The issue is that we are not programmers so things take a bit of time while we figure out how to program various features. If you know someone interested in helping, let us know at [email protected]

We are featured – July 2020

Our mobile app is featured on GamesKeys’ Top Games to Check Out in July 2020. Take a look at the full list and our iOS version as well.

Have fun playing!

How does the Random Trivia Generator work?

I was recently going through user submissions (a big “thank you” to all who contribute by the way!) when I came across the following question/answer:

“question”: “Bu nasıl işliyor?”
“answer”: “Bakalım”

According to Google Translate, the language above is Turkish and translates to:

“question”: “How does this work?”
“answer”: “Let’s see”

This inspired me to write a brief blog post on what happens with submissions, error reports, and e-mails.

New trivia submissions

When a user contributes a question/answer, the submission is entered into a temporary, private database which requires approval before the question is added to the public database for all users to see. I have not enabled alerts so I usually set aside some time each week to check the database and approve the submissions. The great thing about trivia lovers is that the submission is already in a great format so all I need to do is a bit of research to verify the question/answer before approving it. Some questions require a bit of editing, such as formatting or spelling. Another group are the questions with incorrect answers, which get updated and approved. I have nothing against incorrect answers because they go through a verification process and once fixed, they are a great addition to the database. And there is the last group of questions which are more posed as corrections. I don’t mind those either and treat them all very seriously.

Error Reports and E-mails

Both of these end up in my inbox and I get an alert on my cell phone. If I am not busy with work, or the family, I try to respond to those as quickly as I can.

So that’s it – everything is still manually done by humans. Although it would be awesome if there is some bulletproof AI that writes new trivia, verifies submissions and fixes existing errors. If you know something like this, or can do this, let me know!

Q: Who played the blind character in the movie "Wait Until Dark"?

A: Audrey Hepburn