Random Trivia Blog

The 2016 Year in Review Quiz

A quiz where we re-cap some of 2016’s most and least memorable events…in a question and answer form.

App Announcement

Introducing the New Random Trivia Generator App

In 2016 we worked hard to rebrand Random Trivia Generator, inject some color into the site, and bring it into the 21st Century.

Comic Book Style Image

Comic Book Wednesdays – Revival Trivia

It’s the day after Trivia Tuesday…middle of the work week. Only 6 more days until another Trivia Tuesday! What to do but read new comic books on this holy of days – Comic Book Wednesday!

Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Christmas 2016 Quiz

Can’t escape the awkward work parties and gift swaps around this time? Feeling broke already? Have a free Christmas quiz to help take your mind off things for a while…and maybe even win some pub bets! Just click on my lovely ornament above.


Hello World! – Obligatory First Post

We are finally in color and mobile! Read some trivia about the Random Trivia Generator!