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Happy New Year and a 2022 Recap

On a personal level, the past couple of years have been very busy so I haven’t been keeping up with the blog. Many apologies. We added a new family member, moved across the province, completely renovated an older home, and more, including pouring a lot of time and resources in Random Trivia Generator. Over the course of 2022, the site was re-built from scratch with React to improve performance on newer devices and browsers. The rebuild also allows for additional features with 2 being finished and deployed in 2022. The site now has a search features and tags! Oh, and another 5,000 new questions.


Searching sounds so simple…and it is. But simple search functions are dumb and spit out lists of mostly useless results. Custom search functions are not easy to implement. Look at Google. There were dozens of search engines when they emerged on the market but by developing a useful engine, they became the leader, and still are. I am not comparing Random Trivia Generator’s search feature to Google but it took a while to develop a mostly useful custom search engine based on tags, categories and a crafty filter. I say mostly because it is better than the default search feature the back-end database has, but still can’t read your mind and give the exact result you want. You should now be able to find questions a lot easier!


Tags are finally here! What are tags? They are like sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories that can better organize questions by more specific themes. The tags page is not randomized, but it rather shows the questions that have tags in order they appear in the database. With close to 30,000 trivia questions, I have only been able to tag about 6,000 of them so far. But I am continuously tagging questions so the entire database should be tagged soon enough for your browsing pleasure. Give tags a go by clicking on the menu and navigating to the tags page.

New Questions

Since the last update, about 2 years ago, approximately 5,000 new questions have been added to the database. A big thank you to all who have submitted questions! I have another 1,000 to review and approve. It shouldn’t take long to cross the 30,000 unique questions mark, thus making this database one of the larger ones online. None of the questions have been obtained through scraping or an API. All are either written by me or submitted by users.

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