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Strangers in Paradise

Delving into Comic Book Obscurity – Another 10 trivia questions on Strangers in Paradise

Hello and welcome to another round of “Delving into Comic Book Obscurity”. A round where I re-read my favorite not-so-mainstream comic book series and come up with obscure trivia questions.

Superhero masks

New Comics Day Trivia – 11 Questions on “The Creators”

Hello and welcome to another instalment of the New Comics Day trivia round. This week the trivia round is on the comic book creators…the writers, the artists, the inkers, the publishers, the people who are overshadowed by their own creations. Why? Because I drove by Joe Shuster Way not too long ago. Enjoy!

Person in Comic Book Style with Question Marks

The Weekend Edition – 10 Totally Random Trivia Questions

Hello and welcome to a round of totally random trivia questions and answers to kick-start your day and your early weekend.

Strangers in Paradise

Delving Into Obscurity: 11 Trivia Questions on Strangers in Paradise

A “Strangers in Paradise” trivia round for the die hard comic book fans.


Comic Book Wednesdays – Chew Trivia

Hello, and welcome to another New Comic Book Day trivia round. This round is based on the first dozen, or so issues of Chew. Despite its 60 issues, this series has so much good stuff that I could easily come up with a few more trivia rounds. For now, enjoy this free round where we establish the basics about his life, his friends, his family, and the comic book series in general.