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Random Responses #4

I have been catching up on submissions for a while now but I have been slacking off addressing some incorrect submissions. Typically incorrect submissions just need a bit of massaging/editing to fix them up. They could be off by a few days (if a date is the answer), the spelling of the answer could mean something else, etc. It is rare that I get completely incorrect submissions but I still do. Here is one of the latest ones:

“question” : “What is the only country in the world that is contained within 2 continents?”
“answer” : “Turkey”

If the fix was simple, I would have implemented it and moved on. But this is hard to fix because there are just so many countries that span two continents, or are fully “contained” within two. If you include little territories, then the number of answers grows exponentially. I am not going to name all countries that span multiple continents but a few major ones come to mind – Russia, for example. That is a rather large country to miss.

Just a quick search using your favorite search engine reveals numerous sites listing countries. Here is one at the top of every search result as an example. There are more depending on how you wish to classify the countries.

But in case I have misinterpreted the question, please let me know and I will approve it within the submission system with some minor corrections. You can either respond to this post with a comment or shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]